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start your career with us

Looking for a rewarding next chapter of your career?  We've always got an eye out for talented, passionate people who want a collaborative work environment.  

why work at s&t inc?

Everyone has a voice at S&T INC. so whether you're a numbers person or a more creative type, your opinion matters.  We all have different backgrounds and life experiences, and in our offices, we believe it's important to consider as many unique perspectives as possible to deliver thoughtfully designed products to our customers.

That's where you come in.


Free Coffee Everyday

Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference in the workplace.  If coffee's your thing, we've always got some brewing for you.


Employee Appreciation Lunches

Once a month, we celebrate our employees with a delicious catered lunch from one of the great eateries in the area.  All employee birthdays and anniversaries are recognized.  Oh, and there's always cake.


Dress Comfortably

You like to be comfortable.  We like to be comfortable.  You'll see a lot of jeans, polos, hoodies, and tennis shoes around the office.


Employee Empowerment

Everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their work and be more than just a piece of the puzzle.  Got a good idea?  Great!  Run with it!


Centrally Located in St. Louis

We're headquartered in Affton, MO – a stone's throw from Grant's Farm and easily accessible for most of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area. 


No Long Meetings

Nobody likes meetings that drone on and on less than we do.  We like to get to the point so that we can move on and work on making great products.


Micromanagement? Not Here!

No hand holding.  No one standing over your shoulder.  We trust in you to do great work in a timely fashion. You're an adult, and we treat you like one.


Medical / Dental / Vision / Life

It's all here.  We also promote healthy lifestyles.  You'll find tips to improve your health habits – both in and out of the office – in our weekly employee newsletter.


401k with Match

We think financial planning is important for everyone.  Remember – every little bit helps, and your future self will thank you.

how do I come on board?

We're constantly growing, so there's always a chance we have positions available.  If you're looking for the next challenge in your career, please complete the form below so that we can determine if we'd make a good fit. Even if we don't have a spot for you today, you never know when an opportunity will arise down the road.

Thanks for the info! If we think there's a fit, we'll be in touch.
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